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[Flori holding Inge] Hi, I'm Inge, I live at the nice and comfortable place of 42.Org since it exists. I share my room with Sec, who is actually a human.
My Hobbies include sleeping, having fun with Björn and writing E-Mails. I hope that some day somebody will assist me in scanning a nice picture of mine, so that i can include it here. Meanwhile i only have that nice photo, which was taken during a party here at 42.Org, with Flori holding myself in his arms. *boah* this was a nice evening :). You can easily guess that i like partys, because everybody wants to hug me. Yes, that's one of the advantages beeing a big, soft white Bear. If you think Icebears can't talk and/or write, take a look at my cousins who actually gave an interview in a popular movie.
People i know include KrUeMeL, who is the 'mother' of Eddie and Funny, two other animals on the net. Dyfa's 'Knuddelelch', SiSSel also has an e-mail address: <sissel@definitely.addict.de> at wich he likes getting nice greetings as well as i do. So you can see that i never feel alone.

1) sleeping is, what i do most of the time. I'm very proficient in it since i have some very good preconditions here. A soft cushion, a comfy chair and the fan of matrix whispering all the time. You could sleep the whole day, too, if you were here.
2) Björn is my boyfriend, he lives next door, in the same room as axel_f, but we visit each other regularly.
3) I'd be happy to get some E-Mail from you, my adress is <inge@42.org>. Just be wary that my replies will take some time, because I'm not that good at typing with my big paws.

Inge 18-Jul-1997, 14-Feb-1998