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I'm now a proud owner of a PalmPilot III, and very happy with it. But, beeing a real hacker, i have to write some programs myself. My first masterpiece is
localsync (AppId: synC) Palm3 only (Palm2 with IR, too)
If you've installed the 'Irenhanc' Serial-IR Stack, and use it regularely, you know this problem. You've got to switch back every time you do a HotSync. If you forget it, the pilot sits idly in your dockingstation, and does nothing. But the end is near! Install 'localsync' and set the HotSync Button via the preferences app to call localsync. From now on HotSync's will always be done via the serial cable.
As a die-hard fan of FreeBSD, my Pilot has to cooperate with it. And it does this very well.
For syncing I use PilotManager a really great Perl/Tk program which uses a 'Conduit' concept to be easily extensible. Currently I'm using the 'SyncAB' (Addressbook to plaintext file) 'SyncTime' (Sets the pilot-time) 'SyncMemo' (the memo's are put into one file each) and 'Backup' (all changed files are stored) conduits.
My programs are written with either the pilot-gcc port or with Pila the formidable Pilot assembler. I test them with xcopilot, for which I've written a patch so it can disassemble code, and execute it in single-step mode.
For german speaking people, there is a list of Aplications I like. You can view it here.

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Stefan `Sec` Zehl 24.May.1999, 27.Sep.1999