Eumel's Friends 'n' Dudes Page

Shelby *hug*. Self written (Star Trek) stories there.
Ann *hug*. Great Star Trek fan, too.
Ellen *hug*. My polar bear. :-)
Lynx Physicist. Babylon 5 and Role Playing related there.
Ix Big Hitch Hiker fan.
Ackbar Babylon 5 mirrors.
Thrawn Star Wars addicted dude.
Carni Strange mathematician. Widespread mixture of links.
Emma Swedish Star Trek fan.
Lore Another Star Trek fan.
kahless Great pal. Likes motorsports.
brt Fellow student and great tavern pal.
Sec Beloved fellow lodger and unix Buru.
axel_f Beloved fellow lodger.
plinsy Cuddly flat-sharing community predecessor.
Valentin Upcoming chess opponent. ;-)
Doreen Very nice and playful girl. *grin*
ZistaH Almost fourth fellow lodger, but doesn't cook meat. :-(
KrUeMeL Shares my tea addiction.
Pnose Simply Pappnase. ;)
Cymric Quake opponent.
hubertf NetBSD addicted long sleeper.
HansM Mr. Sendmail
|GOOSE| Goose halt.

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